Top Golf Gadgets You Should Have

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Having your irons and woods while on the golf course is something that is to be expected. Everyone has these. However, there are other items that you need if you really want to stand out and look like you are on top of your game. let’s take a look at a few of the items that should be in the bag of any recreational golfer.

Bluetooth Speakers

A trend has been quickly developing in the game of golf with many middle-aged players enjoying their music while on the course. Most modern smartphones allow you to connect to the speakers using Bluetooth. You are able to listen to music as you play.

Bluetooth speakers are relatively cheap and provide high quality output. You can get a good quality speaker from $30.

Rules Book

One of the best ways of dealing with a dispute in regards to the rules of golf is to refer to the USGA golf rules book. The drawback is that it is not the simplest in explanation and understanding. An alternative is the smaller pocket-sized version simplified by the writer Yves Ton.


Serious golf players always carry a rangefinder. This helps them measure the correct distance to their target. They can help spot sprinkler heads. You can find a good quality rangefinder from between $200 and $500.

Alignment Rod

This is one of those things you simply must have in your bag. Yes, you might not need to use the alignment rod for warm ups but you will certainly need one when hitting the range. You can get a quality alignment rod from $15.

Multi-purpose Repair Tool

A divot tool will always come in handy at one point or another during the time you spend at the golf course and this is why you need the right one. It should be simple to use allowing you to remove the ball marks with a quick squeeze. Being multi-functional, you can also use it as a grip rest or cigar holder.


Sometimes you may want to get the correct alignment. This is where the golf ball stencil comes in. It will enable you to put a line on the golf ball easily.

Golf ball stencils are quite affordable and you can get a good one at $19

Epoch Tees

Okay so you may not consider tees as gadgets but the great thing with the epoch tees is that they can decompose. This doesn’t mean that they break easily though.

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